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SMART Collect

Lending Institutions using traditional methods of collection, i.e. field or tele-calling, generally experience higher collection costs, higher customer escalations, and lower contact rates.

SMARTCollect is a tool that uses Analytics and Machine Learning algorithms to predict customer behaviour and uses multiple digital channels to drive customers towards Digital Collections. The main goal is to increase the self-pay ratio for the lending organizations.


Analytics is used to predict digital behaviour of the customer to arrive at the best time, channel, language, content, and intensity to communicate with the customer.


Automated channels are used for financial educations and digital collections.


Multiple touch points are used to arrive at external behaviour of the customer and to enhance contactibilty. Thus, driving customer to digital self-payment options.

SMARTCollect Case Study

Spocto SMARTCollect Case Study

spocto ran its Machine Learning and AI led platform - SMARTCollect to influence the customer only through digital channels, driving up self-pay behavior and outcome and drastically reducing the bounce rate of payments.

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