spocto Validate

spocto Validate

Prevent frauds and financial crimes with early risk detection through spocto Validate - A state of the art, fully automated fraud prevention and detection system that vets information at lightning speed and gives a fraud response mechanism in under 30 seconds!

Inefficient fraud and financial crime management can wipe off huge chunks of profits from the banks and financial institutions. The only way to thwart frauds is to have an early response system in place that automatically gives a red alert before the crime is perpetuated.

spocto Validate is a 100% automated system that identifies risks at an early stage of loan lifecycle, without any customer intervention.

spocto Validate combines psychography metaphysics, behavior predictions and demography analysis with other deep machine learning, patented algorithm and advanced tools to identify and prevent fraud in less than 30 seconds.

Why spocto Validate:

  • Trusted Fraud Prevention and early risk detection:

spocto Validate uses multiple data touch points to verify consumer data, deep machine learning and cognitive accelerators and identifies risks at an early stage of loan lifecycle.

  • Reduces False positives: Our advanced tools and indicators weeds out erroneous data and reduces false positives by over 90%
  • Highly accurate detection rates: Using psychometric behavioral pattern and multiple digital identity verification, we improve detection rates dramatically
  • Fast track application process: Our fully automated, in-depth verification process drastically cuts down loan processing time, from several days to just few minutes, resulting in improved customer satisfaction
  • Superior machine learning enables fraud response time in under 30 seconds
  • Improves fraud response for the client by 18%

spocto Validate encompasses all aspects of financial crimes and fraud detection including anti money laundering, fraud detection and prevention, faster and less risky loan approval process and reduced costs of operation.