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Improve delinquent retail account recovery with spocto’s psychography based skip trace services!

Some customers stop repaying their loans after a few initial instalments and might not be reachable through traditional channels. Locating the absconding customers and recovering debts could be a herculean task. spocto’s Skip Trace service makes this easier with its AI/ML-based algorithms.


Collate and Curate Data with Machine Learning Algorithm

Our proprietary machine-learning algorithm collates and curates data gathered from more than 850 different databases to create a virtual persona of the customer. Our algorithm continually keeps a tab on these data touchpoints to carry out technographic, psychographic and geographic analytics of this virtual persona on real-time basis. Thus, we skip trace the customers that were otherwise beyond reach.


Score, Segment and Prioritize

Based on the in-depth analysis of over 47+ data sources, we rate, segment and prioritize your debt collection data to strategize your collection efforts. Our result-driven approach results in an efficient customer-centric collection process that enhances the debt recovery process and brings in faster recoveries at reduced costs of operations.

Case Study

Spocto Trace Case Study

Spocto Trace used its patented solution that assessed digital footprints of the delinquent account holders by assessing public data available on the Web

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