spocto Monitor

spocto Monitor

Mitigate Risk on High Profile Accounts Through Effective, Timely and Efficient Risk Management with spocto Monitor - An automated system that triggers risk alerts instantly and shields your bank from fraud and delinquency!

Risk management is vital to a bank’s financial health. spocto Monitor keeps a watchful eye on your accounts for efficient risk management, which in turn results in massive improvement in response time and entails a robust risk analysis.

spocto Monitor uses publically available data and combines it with cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, NLP and deep machine learning to draw intelligent insights on risk triggers and fraud alerts. spocto Monitor continually curates the data to wipe away false positives and give accurate risk alerts.

Thus, spocto Monitor mitigates risk and prevents frauds, delinquency and bad loans as well as helps in making objective, unbiased and fast credit decisions.

Here’s what spocto Monitor does:

  • Identifies potentially risky accounts and sends early warning signals for banks to act in time
  • Identifies negative trends instantly to reduce delinquency
  • Reduces the risk of frauds
  • Triggers changes in life events
  • Updates information on your accounts in Real time
  • Continuously monitors accounts to mitigate risk

spocto Monitor is 100% automated system and needs no customer intervention. Data triggers and mobile alerts for risks are reported to the client.