Harness the power of Intelligence Actionables for Improved Marketing

Boost conversions for B2B and B2C markets with our customized digital audience segments. We at spocto help organizations target the ideal customers, improve conversions and optimize pricing.

We help in forming meaningful relationships

Here’s what we do:

Invigorate Marketing Performance with Digital Audience Insights

With our trademarked AI algorithm, we unearth digital audience segments which were so far hidden. We thoroughly comb the digital platforms to understand the Activity, Interest and Opinions of the individuals and leverage them with data variables to deliver intelligent actionable data that’s ready to convert.

360° Insight into Customer Audience for Optimal Returns

We generate omnichannel insight of your customer audience by combining psychographic behavior, browsing patterns along with demographics and a host of conventional and nonconventional data from multiple devices, platforms and channels. Thus, we enable the organizations laser target their marketing message to “sales ready” customers, enhance customer engagement and optimize their marketing efforts for improved conversions at reduced costs.

spocto also provides measurable insights of marketing touch points to help organization realign their strategies and budget for optimized returns.

Lead Qualification

With spocto’s individual persona insights, we help businesses understand audience dynamics, their level of lead qualification, BANT insight (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeframe), and throw an insight into the marketing initiatives that would garner favorable customers response. With our insights, businesses can identify influencers that will have an impact on your audiences.