Customer Engagement: Shift from in-person to digital, are YOU ready?

When you hear of Customer Engagement, what crosses your mind?

Being able to assess the Customer’s needs and wants when he/she walks into your store and expresses interest while looking around. You build on that conversation and try to close on the sale having explained all the products details and after sales service too.

You take pride in your achievement, another new customer!

Later on in the day, you also have to reach out to existing customers to upsell your other products.

You look for customer’s details on the notes you made from your previous conversations, and dial the number, ready to talk of your next product and how it could benefit him/her.

Come COVID-19, all of these scenarios seem a distant dream, and you wake up to the reality of not knowing how the customer’s expression is towards your product, does he/she really need it, or want it, or it doesn’t fit in amongst the other basic necessities of their life right now. Even if he/she should be buying it, do you have a way of knowing a potential customer and differentiating them from the hundreds of others?

Time is limited and precious, and so your efforts are to be directed towards the potential customers only. Do you agree?

Imagine if you were to dial Mr. Varun next, to speak about your product and how it could benefit him, and you already knew Varun’s buying pattern, his likes and dislikes and his preferences, wouldn’t it be easier now to talk to him? Of course your dialogues with him would be more personalized striking the right chord with Varun’s interests, and he may have lesser resistance to your product as your engagement with him is personal and he feels it, he doesn’t feel treated like a customer, he feels treated like Mr. Varun who is your special customer.

Yes, spocto Marketing does that for you, so you focus on what you do best for your customers, building a meaningful relationship with them and serving them basis their interests.

You wouldn’t have to fear the unknown now; you have the variables laid out in front of you. Isn’t that a great start to a wonderful relationship with your customer. Who wouldn’t want to be treated in a special way especially at this time when conversations with one another itself are restricted to the telephone and video calling apps?

Embrace the new digital norms, and make life easier for you and your customers. The ones to jump on the change bandwagon would be the first to reap its benefits and you wouldn’t want to be left behind staring at them walking away with it all, would you?