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  • Data analytic driven approach over multiple channels
  • Strengthening of customer referral program
  • Increase in app download rate by 10%

In today’s times, it is not just enough to acquire customers, but also add value to the relationship. The important thing is that your customer values your brand, irrespective of what you are selling. Customers today are aware and extremely selective. It is imperative for every brand to engage them with meaningful conversation and personalized content.


India’s leading bike portal BikeDekho was looking to expand their business reach by encouraging mobile app downloads as well as by getting referrals from existing customers. Through various marketing efforts (both online and offline), they were able to generate interest but the “leads” through the referral program were not “qualified” and hence the customer base was not expanding rapidly enough.


Using spocto to use a multi-channel, data analytic driven approach to grow its business, BikeDekho was able to get actionable customer insight, which helped to:

  • Track and evaluate a potential customer’s purchase intention
  • Strengthen the Customer Referral program
  • Automate the lead verification process
  • Increase mobile app downloads by using a multi-channel, multi-lingual marketing approach


  • 8% increase in conversion during pilot phase of using spocto
  • Projected 20% increase in lead conversions within 6 months
  • 10% increase in app downloads