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  • Customer engagement platform spocto used to engage with farmers
  • Millions of farmers across rural India reached out
  • Within two days the awareness program reached its aim


On “World Soil Health Day”, the Government of India (GOI) aimed to create awareness of the importance of maintaining soil nutrients by encouraging optimal use. What is the best way to educate 100s of millions of farmers on the importance of soil health? The challenges are many. Language barriers, the cost of reaching out, marketing effectiveness etc.


GOI used spocto – the customer engagement platform to engage with farmers in their regional language via the two most preferred modes of communication in rural India.
Over 90% farmers engaged by using:

  • relevant channel
  • sent at the relevant time
  • in the preferred language of choice


Within 2 days, millions of farmers across rural India were informed about the importance of soil and encouraged to go for soil testing at a centre near them. GOI was able to generate interest among millions of farmers across the country.