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  • Reach-engage-adopt-retail
  • Real time behaviour analysis
  • Engagement went up by 20%


A global agri-input company Monsanto aimed to reach out to farmers directly in order to acquire new customers by leveraging digital media, build relationships with existing customers and increase engagement. The challenges were manifold. An ecosystem of trust had to be created and there were language barriers.


Spocto was used to reach out to the customers(farmers) in their language.
Individual farmer profiles were created on spocto based on landholding, irrigation type, soil type etc.
Real time behaviour analysis was performed that gave us more insight into the farmers’ preferred date and time for communication.
This lead to eventually generation of reports that traversed the process of reach-engage-adopt-retain.


A million farmers were reached across India, Asia and Africa. Farmer engagement with the company went up by 20%. The consumer insights developed helped the company

  • Build direct farmer relationship
  • Identify newer market
  • Announce product launches at much lower costs, which were earlier through traditional channe