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  • Employee engagement can be challenging in decentralized organizations
  • Spocto helped with profiling of employee base based on digital footprint
  • Reduction in attrition by 13%

Companies are not just driven by products and services and policies… they are predominantly driven by people. The new generation of employees today are internet savvy, social media active and are your first customers and patrons.

With a nod from the technology industry and digital platforms that are so addictive, spocto aims at the HR market by focusing on the end user. Our Employees, our customers, our channel partners and our future generations are getting there
The Starr Conspiracy reported that 60% of smaller companies are developing an HR software to augment employee engagement. Employee performance and employee engagement are directly related. Digital engagement platforms enhance talent management programs that subsequently progress organizational performance.


Companies of today have a flexible working environment. With multiple global offices, it is making very hard for the global team members to meet face to face. With this decentralized setup and remote workforce, it is harder for HR to connect with employees. Intelligentia was facing the same issues. They have offices in multiple places with a decentralized organizational structure, which makes it a challenge for HR.


Intelligentia IT systems used spocto to profile their employees by utilizing their digital footprint. With listening and assessing their social posts, Intelligentia was able to understand the employee better, drive more focused internal communication and address individual concerns.


As a result, employee engagement effectiveness increased by 20% and attrition was reduced by 13% in one year.