How Personalization could be the next big thing in the small business world

Sellers that personalize their products to the specific needs of a consumer are likely to win against those who continue to treat all customers in a similar way.

Technology plays a significant role in our daily lives and buying patterns.
But while the excessive usage of technology would seem to encourage more impartial relationships between brands and customers, the marketplace is calling for personalized marketing opportunities.
Believe it or not, the awareness for using the highly personalized marketing is happening. Turns out it’s only doing good to your small business.

Consumers opt for Personalized Marketing
A lot of small business owners are doubtful of engaging in personalized marketing as they believe that it’s not accepted in the marketplace. But, this assumption is actually far away from reality. A recent study suggests that customers usually perceive personalized marketing as a benefit and not a disadvantage.

71 percent of customers opt for ads that match their interests and shopping habits.

Online buyers are twice as likely to see an ad from a not so popular brand if the ad caters to their preferences.
Half of consumers (44%) are happy to give brands their personal details like names, address or email address to get better personalized ads.

Understanding Your Audience
To allow personalization do wonders to your business, you must know your audience. More than just an average sense of the kind of people who purchase your products or services, you must acquire in-depth information that you can use to your advantage.

Personalized marketing starts with data. Along with mining your email marketing list and customer database, you will require a way to find out online buyers who may have no prior experience with your brand.
Here’s where an experienced digital marketing agency can be of great help. The correct digital marketing partner can create effective and cost-efficient re-marketing strategies as well as other plans that personalize the content your audience watch online.

The other kind of information that you will need is slightly different . When it comes to personalization, there can be a thin line between delivering significant content to audiences and making them feel like they are being stalked online.

In the similar manner that email marketing frequency can find out the effect of email marketing strategies, the kind of personalization you select can strike a difference between a winning personalized marketing campaign and a complete flop.

A large number of consumers and B2B prospective buyers are used to watching personalized ads. But even so, it’s important to realize¬†how far you can go with your existing audience before investing in an effective personalization campaign.