Why one needs to get used to the word ‘UNSPAM’ in today’s times

What is Spam?
Spamming from a common perspective is receiving irrelevant information continuously from a known or an unknown source for a couple of times. But the common misconception is that that spamming is only limited to emails and text messages which is not true. In real sense anything and everything that comes your way which is irrelevant to you in any shap, form , size, text is nothing but a spam. for example a sect of women continuously getting shaving cream ads is a total spam.
What is UNSPAM?
UNSPAM is a relatively new concept. As the name suggests its helps stop spamming. With the data that is collected they sort the likes and dislikes of people and allow only those products to penetrate the consumers’s list of ads. The unspamming through Spocto blocks the passage of the ads that don’t match customer prefrences.
Benefits of UNSPAM
The consumer gets exactly what it wants. No unnecessary items or products are offered to him/her. This helps companies improve their sales as they are able to get a clear idea of whom they should target and who are their target audience. As a result of this, there are lesser chances of consumers disapproving of the product as it somehow caters to their demands and needs. UNSPAM makes for a win-win situation, because both, the consumers as well as the compay gets what they want. The consumer gets their desired prodcuct and the company gets their share of profit.
Who invented the term UNSPAM?
No, it’s not in the dictionary! UNSPAM solely belongs to SPOCTO, a big data and analytics based integrated digital company that assists brands to build a personalized relationship with the customers, by matching the tastes and prefrences, so that brand is able to acheive the desired brand love!
What is SPOCTO?
SPOCTO is a platform that gives accurate analytics on all digital channels to provide a 360o view of consumer behaviour. Second, it also recommends the most preferred time, day and channel of engagement for each customer that is contacted using the platform. Third, with relevant information such as the customer’s email id, phone number, social media profiles, we create a Spocto profile of every customer.
How SPOCTO works?
Now lets take a look at how the platform works. Basically, there are a four types of studios- analytics studio, audience studio, personalization studio and engagement studio.
The analytics studio does the work of integrating insights, optimizes the budget, looks after individual reporting and takes care of the higher conversion.
The audience stuido then learns about the company audience, 3rd party audience and social audience through various social media platforms available today.
The personalization studio later with the phone text messages, emails and other social media platforms finds out the interests, availability and prefferered channels and creates a Spocto profile.
The engaement studio in the end helps our customers and brands like you use this information to reach out to their target audiences through text messages, emails, social ads and social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on.
Why the world needs it?
UNSPAM can save people from being unnecessary targeted. Plus, it will help the companies to identify who their true audience is. It will save a lot of time, and can guarentee greater profits. This will inturn help the company grow and will also help create brand love. unspam pic