Secrets Of Customer Acquisition Unlocked In 2016

Secrets Of Customer Acquisition Unlocked In 2016

Is your business about to launch a first in a marketing campaign? Or, is it struggling to find success with one? In either case, your marketers must refer to the checklist of the key aspects that contribute towards a comprehensive and winning marketing plan. With the number of smartphones connecting to the internet increasing with each passing day and the global spending on mobile marketing almost surpassing the other forms of digital marketing, you are rather late to follow suit. Let’s begin to make up for the loss.

You Need to Custom Fit:

Most of the advertisers are completely aware of personalization and relevant benefits out of it. Smartphones and tablets are capable of doing what a desktop or laptop can do. Still, these devices are remarkably different when it comes to marketing. The solution here is to invest in a mobile-specific web design with minimal elements and better performance for on-the-go usage.

Another important thing is to customize online marketing based on the user preferences behavior analysis, content analysis, demographic analysis, customer analysis, intent analysis and channel analysis. Proximity marketing and location-based marketing are creating the right buzz. In other words, it is the most effective way to target only those mobile users for whom it would be relevant at a particular place or time.

Integrate Traditional Marketing with Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing is the most influential strategies of digital marketing. Optimize your websites to mobile sites, so that they appear on the mobile search engine pages. Use mobile PPC and other paid marketing campaigns to take advantage of direct marketing. Employ social media to interact and stay connected with your audiences.

Mobile Apps Specialty

Just search on the internet and you would find how brands and businesses are harnessing the benefits of mobile app marketing. If you have the right budget in hand, don’t hesitate to develop a mobile app, but make sure you keep it interesting and unusual. Otherwise, depend on other strategies like placing mobile ads on the third-party mobile apps. In any case, your mobile marketing campaign would achieve benefits as mobile applications are currently the most sought-after entities of the digital landscape.

Build Definite Marketing Plan:

  • Build a database of the most relevant target audiences.
  • Choose the frequency of reaching out the targets on social media, email, SMS and voice channels.
  • Have interesting content in the form of videos, images, and mobile posts.
  • Create optimized and engaging landing page to make customers accessible to the innovative technologies.

An effective marketing campaign is what you need to beat the competition. Make sure that your marketers are on the right track or hire an expert in the digital marketing campaign to get the purpose served.

The biggest market and the customers are right now expecting integrated services with favorite brands ! We are here to take care of all your customer engagement services and provide you with an actionable analytics on all digital channels by mapping seemingly disjointed information about a customer such as his / her email id, phone, digital footprints, Facebook id, Twitter id, LinkedIn id and geographic location zoomed up to individual city level.