Build Customer Loyalty Based On User Preferences

Build Customer Loyalty Based On User Preferences

Customer loyalty is one of the most prominent drivers for the digital marketing campaign in the advertising ecosystem. A majority of customers execute direct purchases or avail services directly from their devices after they receive a discount option or coupon code on their mobile devices from their favorite brand. 96% of smartphone users send text messages, out of which 98% of text messages are read compared to 29% of tweets and 12% of Facebook posts. Let’s look at some basic principles to build customer loyalty with SMS marketing service and what are the hard facts related to the industry.

The message gets across:

Let’s start with the ad penetration metric. The average person looks at his/her phone approximately 150 times a day and 98% of the text messages are read, which puts it ahead of any of the traditional social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn. Mobile marketing reaches the targeted customers as the end receiver, directly onto their palms. It feels more personal and it feels like a limited period offer, hence, it works. More and more e-commerce businesses are resorting to the bulk SMS service provider marketing technique.

Users act on their impulses:

When users see a message on their phone that provides them a heavy discount on their favorite piece of clothing, they are bound to be intrigued. The coupons or discounts are availed 10x more than other forms of advertisement because it is easier to just click than copy and paste.

Lead Generation:

Social media ad campaign, Email ad campaign, SMS campaign just shows the total count of messages sent across the contacts. But, the real fact is whether this content is reaching to the right audience! It’s very important for any brands to understand the users interest categories. You can set up a “keyword” and publicize it anyplace. This will permit customers to opt-in to your mailing list, furnishing you with bunches of new contacts and giving your customers a chance to do the diligent work by building your database for you.

Digital Signage with flexibility:

Advertisers can easily track campaign execution by including promo codes or tiny URLs for a particular campaign. One of the favorable circumstances of today’s mobile innovation is the complexity and experience of the compact website. This gives advertisers the potential outcomes of adding different procedures to the promoting effort.

An instant message can lead customers to visit company website or application. The handy site will integrate online and offline experiences. Mobile innovation is opening numerous new entry ways for advertisers to get in touch with their target audience. The excellence of SMS marketing companies need not think about advanced smartphone users only as all the mobile across the globe is enabled to receive SMS.

User satisfaction:

People prefer getting promotional messages on their mobile phones when compared to other marketing channels, buyers reaction rates to advertising messages and mobile coupons have been extraordinary, and it’s continuing to be an important workhorse for many b2c marketing efforts. It turns out it is because SMS marketing campaign management system produces greater results than email marketing campaigns. The recent trends in marketing emphasize the fact that the smartphone is the ultimate key in the world of advertising. According to Hipcricket, 90% of mobile device users who were enrolled in SMS loyalty program, would remain focused in any of the popular analysis reports.

The results speak for themselves:

When you have a marketing channel that ensures a 5-second latency on the customer viewing an ad, that channel proves to be effective. While there are some glitches in the technology and user experience, it is no different than other advertising platforms dealing with their fair share of technological issues. The SMS marketing solution is easy to use, a simple and powerful platform to reach a larger number of a target audience in most preferred time and content.

BIA/Kelsey predicts a 40% growth rate of incomes picked up by using SMS marketing techniques, starting from $3.2 billion in 2012 to $16.8 billion in 2017. SMS marketing has already been proven as an effective marketing channel. This number is likely to increase exponentially, as consumers becoming more comfortable with this technology.