Fight for Unspam

The Internet is playing a bigger part in our everyday lives. In recent days, you might have probably experienced an increase in the amount of junk mail which appears in your emails, or on your most loved newsgroup. The spammers have injected a set of programs which spider through web pages, looking for user personal data like email id, mobile number, location and so on. Spam has reportedly grown significantly in many countries. We have been effectively occupied to fight for Unspam for a considerable period of time. Many organizations are exploring different automation tools to send bulk Emails and SMS to gain publicity.

Social networking has turned into a broadly mainstream platform for individuals in different situations. With the developing accessibility of social networking on the internet, spamming has ceased the entire platform in recently days. Numerous (fake) accounts, known as spammers, are utilized to overpower consumers with undesirable data, and send different assaults, such as, get to know casualties and then surreptitiously capturing their personal data, sneaking promotions to produce deals, scattering erotic entertainment. Spamming these days is a significant issue in almost every class of digital communication, thus fundamentally affecting the nature of customers in online networking sites.

The recent moves of the spammer in social media have created an endless loop in affecting the user experience in all social platforms – Email, instant messaging, newsgroup and forum, blogs, wiki, and guestbook, video sharing sites, academic search.

The microblogging platform has been targeted frequently for noxious action for a few reasons like,

* Tweets can be effectively automated by spammers to target consumers at any point of time. Or even customer accounts can be hacked.

* With the ascent of URL shortening, customers are unable to see the full landing URL.

* Many individuals are enticed with an astutely worded message, a photograph, and a link. They click it without thinking.

In spite of advance filtering option and various anti-spam protection laws, spam is as yet something unavoidable. Its time for us to fight against the spam. The below infographic explains about the spam, various categories of spam on internet and best ways to avoid spam.

Fight for Unspam

At spocto, we have built fundamental procedures, techniques to avoid spamming users on the internet. We have started our exchange from substance investigation which has demonstrated its viability in conventional spammer identification. With our advanced multichannel marketing platform, the issue of spam crusade in online networking can be filtered out effectively.